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About Us

Gumuscu Architecture is founded by Oguz Gumuscu and Ertugrul Gumuscu in 2013 as a design and construction office with the goal of combining innovation and information, realism and imagination, function and various life style elements in architectural and product designs projects. Nowadays, our company continues working on projects country wide at our office in Kayseri with a large team consists of architecture, design, finance and construction departments since November of 2014.

Our architecture and product design mentality is inspired by modern architectural principles and terminology. This mentality keeps improving itself with the experimental approach and focuses on progressive design solutions in a modern way. Offers undiscovered life experiences with the expression of form and material on different scale structural designs.

Gumuscu Architecture, has successfully completed lots of projects, commencing from small-scale private apartment to multi-storey residential block. Currently, our project scope includes cafe & restaurants, residences, hotels, showrooms, offices, educational buildings, commercial buildings.